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Help us keep Tangofolly alive! There are many ways you can support our community project from making a donation to joining the Crew. Find out more about the project and why we need your help.

Why we need your support…

Tangofolly is truly a community project and we are passionate about keeping it free for everyone. We have no aim to make a profit and rely on volunteer work and your donations to keep the project alive.

We started in 2013 with a small local community idea. Since then, and quite unexpectedly, Tangofolly has grown to become a global network packed with news, information, articles and events posted and read every day by thousands of people. Indeed, Tangofolly gives everyone a voice to share their Tango. That’s really something special.

Our website has become a giant reference book for Argentine Tango and as guardians we take the responsibility for protecting and promoting everything you post very seriously. Ongoing, there is so much we want to develop and improve! It’s a romantic idea that all the time and money it takes to realise Tangofolly’s full potential will miraculously appear out of nowhere. The hard reality is that some funds are needed to go on…

Where does the money go?

We just need a little cash to cover costs and continue doing what we do. Your money will go towards website hosting, IT & software support, all kinds of promotional work, communications and helping out our voluntary team of copywriters, developers, designers, photographers and filmographers who generously donate enormous amounts of their time and expertise. Here are some initiatives we would love to realise if we could:

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We think the Google Translate tool could be better… At the moment the tool expects members to post in English and gets confused if text is not English. We know how to develop this to make it really useful for anyone posting or translating in any language. However, development of this software will cost about £100. If we had the funds we could improve the tool so that everyone can post in their native language and the translate tool will translate from any language. Our time and expertise comes free.
The ‘Add To Calendar’ button is really popular! This is a ‘button’ that sits on each event post and allows users to quickly add the event to their personal calendar. We recently tested it for a period of 3 months and user reports declared an almost 100% opt in on all hits. The software we used to test user interest comes at a premium, however, we can look at writing this code ourselves and avoid yet another ongoing cost. It will take time and expertise but it is definitely possible.
Server, Domain and Premium Software is ongoing. Tangofolly sits on its very own top of the range, fully encrypted, server in Canary Wharf, London. This is necessary to ensure we have full access to personally manage the database, security, site speed and other similar tasks on a daily basis. These ongoing costs come in at about £800 per year. As Tangofolly is a network, ensuring our member’s privacy and security is of particular importance to us so these costs are worthwhile.
The SHOOT Photography Competition Awards. The SHOOT! project aims to recognise and celebrate the passion and skill of Tango Photographers around the world. This is one of our absolute favourite annual endeavours and we would love to a) continue with the project and b) offer meaningful awards to competition winners. If you would like to support this either monetarily or with appropriate awards ‘in kind’ we would be absolutely delighted. Learn more about the SHOOT →

Make a donation

If you like what we do, and would like to see it continue, then please do lend your support if you can. Any amount, large or small is enormously appreciated! As a way of saying thank you we would love to send you a small gift for each monetary donation you make.

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What else? There are lots of ways you can support our worldwide community and be a part of the Tangofolly story:

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Help Spread The Word

We don’t have funds for fancy advertising so if you know someone in your local community who would find Tangofolly useful please do let them know! Share the great stuff members are posting, mention Tangofolly to friends, local organisers and anyone else who may wish to join in. Many hands make light work as they say!

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If you have an idea we would love to hear from you! If you see a bug or something isn’t working on our website we would be hugely grateful if you could quickly let us know. We are so close to the project that sometimes we surely miss things and lose perspective. Pop a note in the Forum. Your feedback is really welcome.

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It is free to post on Tangofolly, and, you can choose to boost your page, stories, market listings and events for a small contributory advertising fee. In return, Tangofolly will share your promotion across our entire web and social network to help you reach as many people as possible. Your contributions go straight back into the project.

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