Tangofolly Member Support


Tangofolly Member Support

It’s really easy and completely free to signup and share your Argentine Tango news and events. Here is a quick support guide to getting started and frequently asked questions from our members.

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Create a page?

When you sign up you will create a page. Pages can be personal or for communities and are a great way to showcase all your stories and events.

Guide to pages

List events?

Find the Events tab in the main menu and choose List an event. Add stories about the event, links to register, add to calendar and more.

Guide to events

Post stories?

Find the Stories tab in the main menu and choose Post a story. Publish news, reviews, interviews, photos, videos, opinions and anything else ‘tango’.

Guide to stories

Promote stuff?

Feature your stories or events in key, high traffic, locations around the website. Your contributions help support the Tangofolly project so everyone benefits!

Promoting tango

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Need more help?

If you can’t find the answer to your question above, need technical support or want to chat about something else entirely please contact us at any time.

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