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Gabriella Berggren (Author) replied:
Hm, discussions face to face are better, I agree. But sometimes this is not possible, and happily we have the alternative of communicating respectfully via the internet. From my point of view, all air travel, for whatever purpose, tango, work or social, should be kept to a minimum for the sake of the environment. There are other things we can do too to minimise the footprint we leave behind, such as reduce our use of plastic, not buy bottled water, not drive a car, recycle our waste, and so on. It’s a huge subject, but I limited myself here to discussing the sides that relate to tango and the increasing volume of tango travel. It is nice that you invite your visiting friends to local milongas. As for big or small cities, Stockholm has quite a large tango community, although a large part of it is out travelling at weekends. There are smaller towns in Sweden with not so many dancers or events. But it is possible to take the train to a larger city. PS I hardly ever travel abroad for tango (four times in 14 years) but will be taking the boat to Finland for Tangosauna this summer! So if you want we can continue this discussion face to face then. But I will be there to have fun and dance, not to argue. 🙂
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Gabriella Berggren | 26.03.18
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