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Yes, I believe there are lots and lots of things we can all do to gradually achieve change. By living according to our beliefs, and by letting others know what we believe in, we can prepare the ground for more fundamental and infrastructural changes. Eating local produce in season is a good example (the tomatoes you mentioned). Air traffic has increased enormously in recent years, and consumer cultures such as the one that tango has become are part of the problem. We can all help by looking at our own habits. I don’t think it would be realistic to hope for a total ban on flying. But most of us can reduce our air travel voluntarily. Abstaining from two or three trips a year, and taking the train when possible, would make a difference, if everyone did it. Meat is another serious cause of greenhouse gases. Not everyone wants to be a vegetarian, but we can reduce our consumption to perhaps once a week, or once a month. See you this summer! 🙂

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