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Serdar Hızal replied:
I would love to discuss this face to face in Tangosauna which i also will be coming. This is not an argument from my side but more of a disagreement with what you say. Everybody wants to contribute the efforts of making world better place. If we start taking it down to this kind of details then we should also discuss about how we evolve and advanced on many disciplines that created this massive consumer minded community. For instance why people want to eat tomatoes whole year? It can only be available for 1-2 months in relatively warm climates during summer. But the world is consuming it whole year unrelated with their climate. I agree every little action drives the big picture and i appreciate your initiative about improving local tango scene but i do not see your point not to travel for tango as a solution to any of the concerns.
Posted 27/03/2018 @ 14:26 | Last modified 08/06/2019 @ 10:17

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