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From my own experience (I dance tango for over 15 years, still learning) I stopped doing workshops and classes because learning ‘how to walk’ or the next ‘step’were not what I found helpfull. I never met a teacher who really knew the background of both steps and walking, changing direction etc etc and at the same time had enough experience and interest to help make me aware of my own movement. Until that one teacher that did… from there on I found myself was both happy (sometimes frustrated) and extremely hungry for more input… now finding the next thing I don’t really ‘master’ is fun because that’s the door to more skill, more connection…and more freedom in movement out of tango (and eventually in more freedom in being). So yes teachers make all the difference but pupils might need to open a door inside themselves for wanting more than steps or walking… for awareness of their own movement.

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Karin Mollemans

Photographer, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer from in Netherlands

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Why dancers lose interest in improving their skill

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