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Martin van Kesteren started the thread:
That’s great, I love it!
Posted 11/12/2019 @ 11:13 | Last modified 11/12/2019 @ 11:13
Warren Edwardes replied:
The English National Ballet School will be performing three pieces at Tango Shelter on 14th December 2019. The ballets to tango music have been choreographed by students as part of their choreography course. I gave them a dozen pieces of tango, vals and milonga music to work with ranging from 1935 to 2019. The choreographies and songs were whittled down to the work of three choreographers. Of the dozen songs, two of the final selection student choreographers chose “Este es El Rey” Juan D’Arienzo 1971; one with two male dancers and the other with seven dancers – two males and five females. It was interesting to see what energetic 18-20-year-olds like best of a wide variety of tango music. The larger group performance of Este es El Rey was particularly energetic and perhaps primeval. I thought it was somewhat reminiscent of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. I never really saw Este es El Rey like that while dancing tango. And the third one chosen was “Pura Clase” Biagi 1939 with three dancers two males and one female. I’m looking forward to the event and they are excitedly raring to go. Oh after the event I will curate tandas building on these songs for them to perform on stage as a full performance – with something lyrical probably Sassone in between the Biagi and D’Arienzo tandas.
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