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hehehe it also kind of legitimizes the whole addiction side of it. You never hear of a Day of Alcohol, or National Cocaine Day. Thanks for sharing this Rita 🙂
Tangofolly replied
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However…! There is in fact a World Gin Day (9 June), World Whiskey Day (20 May), National Wine Day (25 May) and National Mint Julep Day (20 May). Then there is… National Cognac Day (4 June), National Moonshine Day (7 June). Not to mention… National Iced Tea Day (2 July), National Bourbon Day (14 June), National Martini Day (19 June), National Orange Blossom Day (27 June), National Pina Colada Day (10 July), National Mojito Day (11 July), National Grand Marnier Day (14 July), National Daiquiri Day (19 July), National Tequila Day (24 July), National Wine and Cheese Day (25 July), National Scotch Day (27 July), Black Tot Day (31 July), International Beer Day (3 August), National Rum Day (16 August), National Pinot Noir Day (18 August), National Whiskey Sour Day (25 August), National Dog Day (26 August), Red Wine Day (28 August), National Lemon Juice Day (29 August), National Rum Punch Day (20 September), National Drink a Beer Day (28 September), National Coffee Day (29 September), National Mulled Cider Day (30 September), National Applejack Month (1-31 October), National Vodka Day (4 October), National Liqueur Day (16 October), International Gin and Tonic Day (19 October), National Brandied Fruit Day (20 October), National Carmel Apple Day (21 October), National Mezcal Day (21 October), National Harvey Wallbanger Day (8 November), National Shot Day (8 November), National Happy Hour Day (12 November), National Eggnog Month (1-31 December), National Rhubarb Vodka Day (1 December) Saturday, December 1, Repeal Day (end of prohibition in America, 5 December), National Lager Day (10 December), National Screwdriver Day (14 December), National Sangria Day (20 December), National Eggnog Day (24 December), National Champagne Day (31 December). Hmmm nothing to celebrate January to April…
Martin replied
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hahahahaha!!!!!!:):) I missed this wonderful comment and I acknowledge you for taking comments seriously.
Tangofolly replied
23/01/2020 @ 19:02 | View
🙂 Thank YOU for acknowledging my ‘wonderful’ comment!

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