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Is “saving the planet” your main concern? We all want clean and safe environment but involving socio-political issues here may be a little misplaced…
Gabriella replied
27/03/2018 @ 07:56 | View
Hi Reuven. Yes, we all want a clean and safe environment, but are we prepared to make personal sacrifices to achieve it? The tango community consists to a large extent of people with a lot of money for recreation. I have hesitated for a long time to raise the issue of tango tourism, because I was fairly certain it would provoke ironic responses and attempts to brush away my arguments. But someone has to talk about it. I could have written two pieces – one about the enviroment, and one about the local scene. But I feel that they are intimately connected.
Reuven replied
27/03/2018 @ 16:29 | View
Your concerns, while perhaps valid, do not belong on the Tango forum. That’s my point. Find another forum to voice them.
Gabriella replied
27/03/2018 @ 18:02 | View
I’m sorry you feel that way, Reuven. However, I read the guidelines closely before posting, and my story has been shared 108 times since yesterday, without any assistance from me, so it seems that this is the right forum. All the best, G
Reuven replied
27/03/2018 @ 21:16 | View
I did not say or imply that you violated the forum guidelines, that was not my point. What I meant is that people that want to discuss environmental issues do it in other forums. People here want to discuss Tango and not Tango impact on the environment. The 108 that shared your posting have a misguided understanding of what this is all about. I think I myself am getting off the Tango discussion, so I am going to stop now. I don’t mind discussing this with you in an email or Facebook, but not here.
Gabriella replied
27/03/2018 @ 22:54 | View
Oh, I’m sorry, are you the moderator? I looked at the About Tangofolly page, but I didn’t see your name listed there. My apologies. 🙂

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