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Stephanie Brown (No profile page...) started the thread:
This story is inaccurate. Yes, Negracha’s current location has closed, however it will continue to be a weekly Friday night Milonga in different locations across London until the team finds a more permanent location. By implying that it has completely closed you are doing a disservice to the organisers who rely on people attending this event. Just because it will no longer be in wild Court does not mean that it will no longer be!
Posted 10/02/2018 @ 11:42 | Last modified 08/06/2019 @ 09:44
Many thanks for your comment. It is not our intention to imply anything other than that “Negracha as we know it at 4 Wild Court” has closed. We most definitely do not intend any disservice to the organisers or the London Tango Community as you have suggested. Perhaps the wording has been misunderstood? To ensure clarity a paragraph has been added.
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Rita Maree Horne | 10.02.18
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