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Warren Edwardes started the thread:
“…with Salsa I felt like a complete clod. To be truthful, I think it was simply that I did not really care for the obnoxious music,” What is it about Salsa music that you declare to be “obnoxious”? But Tango “sounds wonderful to me”. Great news. Good luck.
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Jeannie Warren replied:
At the time I wrote that passage, I had very little experience with Latin culture, and I clearly didn’t understand the music at all. However, it should be noted that I recognized my short-sightedness as time went on. I didn’t mean to offend anyone by the use of the word “obnoxious”, rather a desire to share transparently my own transition from “obnoxious” to “appreciative”.
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Warren Edwardes (Author) replied:
Ah. Just noticed the “March 2007” Dateline.
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