As your taxi hums along Geneisenau Strasse in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district, you sense the energy of this vibrant world capital. Here, cultures and people and layers of tense history come together to infuse the city with its undeniable edge. Berlin: elegant and yet down-at-heel. Shabby, yet chic.

And at number 81, down the half-step, you’ve entered into Mava Lou’s boutique and studio, a universe of dazzling dance fashions and heavenly salsa and tango shoes, each lovelier than the other. Let us prepare you an expresso in our store as you begin to thumb through our fashions.

The Mava Lou collections are always bursting with sensational colors. Powerful reds, smooth cremes, the blackest blacks, luscious purples and the hippest of patterns, pieces that both stand alone and combine perfectly. Here in our Berlin studio and boutique, Mava Lou is designed, cut and produced, and not only for Tango and Salsa dancing, but fashions that swing and sway seductively to Swing, Ballroom and standard dance. Mava Lou is ravishing on and off the dance floor. It combines with practically everything in your closet, and some of our more posh dresses have even found themselves before the altar on that most special day.

As you browse the well-stocked racks, the hum of sewing machines buzz in the background. That’s coming from the atelier behind the changing cabinet, where new Mava Lou creations are hours away from hitting the racks. If luck is on your side, one of our special and beloved Mava Lou unique one-off creations might just come out of the atelier and onto our shelves during your visit. Either way, from the collection or a unique creation, each Mava Lou creation is a ‘must-have’. Come in and see for yourself!

Mava Lou can be purchased in our boutique in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, as well as online at:

Mava Lou Dancewear
Gneisenau Strasse 81
10961 Berlin, Gemany
Tel: +49 (0) 30 6003 1734

Mon. – Fri. 13.00 – 19.00
Sat. 11.00 – 16.00

We accept EC cards, Mastercard and Visa in our boutique in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, located in Gneisenau Strasse (see above).

Story posted by: Christiane Bär

About the author: Seller from Berlin

Published: 9 Nov 2015 @ 11:04

Last modified: 25 Jan 2020 @ 20:01

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