He Cannot Compete with Love

My lover snuggles in bed with a novelist,
His body is a book and he enthralls her.
But he cannot compete with our story of love.

My Love melts when she hears
The singer’s melody, touching her heart.*
He helped her through months of tears
As she drove home after watching
Her grandmother slowly die.
But he cannot compete with my loving lullaby.

My Love is inspired by composers
After a hard day; they harmonize her spirit.
Mozart may rejuvenate her mind and body,
But he cannot compete with me,
The orchestrated love I have for her.

The great biographies of heroes
Throughout time cast a long shadow
Over my insignificant life.
But they cannot compete with my story,
That we co-write together with the pen of love.

I cannot compete with the best dancer,
Who embodies the music better than I,
His embrace fits more nicely to hers.
His movements are excitingly new,
And hewn from years of experience.
But he cannot compete with me.
After the last dance, she comes home with me.

The world of artists, writers, poets, musicians and dancers–
They all only add to our love because we allow the pure
Enjoyment of those outside of ourselves to make us whole.
No one can compete with love, because our love lets go.
We are free to be ourselves that we may be strong alone.
Our art is the tandem dance of love, not growing old together,
But always growing newly deeper and deeper in love.

*Miguel di Genova, of “Otros Aires” sang to my partner all the way home from a very sad time in her life.  Why would I be jealous of the great artists and friends in my partner’s life?  Tango couples have difficulties because of holding on the the hope that they are the “one and only.”  There is never a one and only–not even God.  There is a whole universe of people who bring richness to us, and of course to our partners.  Let it be so!

Story posted by: Mark Word

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Published: 12 Jan 2015 @ 23:16

Last modified: 22 Apr 2019 @ 05:48

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